If you want to buy homes, both new and resale homes, there are several things that must be considered. This is important, especially for those who have a family. The location near the office and close to the school children is a dream for almost all families.

Unfortunately, the financial condition is not always balanced with the desire, so that there is one that usually have you sacrificed. Usually a house near the school children a top priority.
Not only close to the school children, there are some things you should consider before you decide to buy a house that fits you and your family. Some factors to consider before buying a home include:
1. Location of house which I purchased must have proper road access and easily accessible in all conditions.

Do not be easily influenced by the sweet promises from people who want to sell a house or ad developers who say that such housing can be reached just 5 minutes from work or school children.
2. Make sure sold a home environment has a pleasant atmosphere and neighbors because that's where you will later spend a lot of time.
Try the nearest neighbors greet you while you stay in touch to get sympathy from them. After all, later a neighbor was the first person who will be asked for assistance if there is something going on when you're at home, right?
3. Also, make sure you choose a housing complex has the facilities and amenities, such as public transport access, easily accessible, wide roads, electricity, enough clean water, 24 hour security, cleaning, market, school, mini market, health clinics, sport facilities, entertainment center, a playground which can be reached easily.
4. Make sure the house is sold is not located in flood-prone areas.
5. Note the condition and quality of house building in detail.
If necessary, make a list to check the condition of roofs, walls, sills, windows, bathrooms, drainage, and vent.
And the most important thing is to check the validity of his letters such as: Certificate of Ownership of house / land, Building Permit (IMB), the last land and building tax, and free from strife.

If the steps you have already done, undoubtedly purchased home will provide comfort for you and your family.