Case in point:
Young husband and wife, joint income = 6 million, years of less than 1 year, no returns, no card and small families wanting a healthy home in a decent settlement.
Try before you learn some of these tips:
1. Calculate your financial ability, how:
a) Calculate the power of your credit (ability to repay).
Simply put it will be purchased through housing loan, either a new house from developer or second home. Instalment is typically 1 / 3 salary, although there are some banks could reach 40 and even 50%.
Examples of the count with 14% interest and term of 15 years then we can borrow:
IDR. 100 million dollars, payments IDR. 1.3 million / month, revenue of IDR. 4 million.

IDR. 150 million, installment IDR. 1.9 million / month, revenue of IDR. 6 million

IDR. 200 million, installment IDR. 2.6 million / month, revenue of IDR. 8 million

calculate the position of credits powermu exist where
b) Calculate your buying power (ability to buy a house).
Banks generally only will fund about 80% of the price of the house, then we must look for 20% of the rest. Take the case above where we USD buying power. 150 million. Rp. 150 million is 80% of it, so that the maximum home price that we can get is in the range of Rp. 187.5 million. Or by DP Rp. 37.5 million.
To note, buying power = DP + administration. In the case above, the first paymentnya is Rp. 37.5 million + 10 million (5% of house prices are usually for administrative purposes). So the total funds to be prepared is USD. 47.5 million.
2. After determining the financial position, then we find a suitable house for us. There are several options including:
a) New house, new home of the developers of this calculation easier, the numbers were clear, but the problem is very limited choice. Idle time to wait for this house is quite old, some big housing even install a grace period of up to 2 year's. It was not guarantee we have neighbors.
b) The second house, second house is actually a very attractive option. In addition to a closer location. buy a second house means buying public and the environment that is so. And this house could be occupied immediately.
Tips and Advice:
1. Duration good installment is less than 15 years, more than that would incriminate the creditor.
2. Second home is always more profitable than new homes. Second house alone divided into 3 categories:
-Age <10 years
-Age 10-20 years
-Age> 20 years
This simple division based with the use of materials and design of the house. Houses in the first category is actually the best option. Besides its lower price, the building was still in good condition.
3. The location is a significant component, with a limited budget. Better to choose a smaller house but it is clear security and facilities infrastructure.