Rumah kost ada kiosnya di sekitar Seturan, area kampus AKS, Sanata Dharma, UPN Veteran, YKPN, dekat dengan mall Amplaz dan akses mudah dari jalan utama seturan, jalan depan aspal lebar, halaman depan luas, lengkap dengan fasilitas pendukung dan penjaga. Sebuah investasi yang sangat menarik.

Spesifikasi :

Luas Tanah       : 430 M
Luas Bangunan   : 300 M
Kmr Induk   : 2 ktdr + Kmr Md Dlm
Kamar Tidur  Kos   :10  (kamr mandi dalam )
Lantai               : 2
Harga               : Rp. 1,4 Milyar

If you've recently occupied the building of new houses, or've just finished building a house or just renovate the building, sometimes you'll see hair cracks in the walls of your home. What is the hair cracks? Term appearance of hair cracks are cracks in the stone wall which has a width of less than 1 mm so that the similar thickness of the hair (horse hair once? He .. he ..^_^).
Hair cracks will not get through to the side wall next to it, so that is not classified as severe damage to the building. The cause of the appearance of hair cracks vary, for example:
1.komposisi mix plaster walls of the building is not good so that when dry, shrink and become cracked
2.saat acian craftsmanship, stucco not dry perfect condition so that when the process of hydration, moisture hindered acian / paint and cracks appeared in walls of buildings to escape the water vapor
3.saat workmanship acian plastering is dry but not done so acian less wetting perfect stick and cause cracks.

According to our observations most cases there are always cracks in the walls of the building that the process is done in a hurry aka chasing deadlines. It requires all the demands of today's fast-paced wants let me not pay income artisans. But in fact the contractor could anticipate cracks using a type of paint primer or sealer that can function as a cover cracks in walls.

If you buy a house in the housing or build your own using the service bureau of the building, immediately wrote a complaint while the warranty still care (usually 6 months). Party contractors or developers who are responsible must be right to reform to get rid of hair cracks in the building of your home. But if you use the services of the foreman or carpenter who does not know the warranty term care, how hayooo ... ^ _ ^.

Do not trigger excessive dizzy because you can actually handle yourself with the help of artisans, where the stages are as follows:
1.kerok all layers of paint and coating plamir with a pulley block or metal brush.
2.lanjutkan by sanding until the surface looks completely acian.
3.bersihkan wall with a roller or a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust while doing wetting the wall.
4.tutup crack at the location of wall cracks with filler (you can buy in a store building), if difficult to find can be replaced with a special cement to grout ceramic floor filler.
5.setelah dry (+ / - 7 days), can be coated with good quality plamir
Plamir 6.setelah dry, can be followed by sanding to smooth
7.lapisi wall surfaces with primer or paint sealer
8.nah, now the walls can be painted again with the desired paint color
Well, hopefully the above tips can be useful to overcome the problem of hair cracks in the walls of your house.

Author: Hisham Helmy
Review by: WidaWati

Building design principles applied to the tropical house can create a natural air system ideal.

There are 3 design principles of mutual support in creating natural pengudaraan system in the tropical house, the roof of the application of multilevel models, appropriate openings (such as location of windows, vents, and klerestori), and the spaces were void. Consider how the principles of mutual tropical "work together".

Wearing Sopi-gin

Modern design tropical house consists of 3 floors; 2nd and 3rd floors of mezanin (some floors at the front omitted). Each floor roof so mezanin given rise roof forms. Model building such as a tropical house aims to facilitate the opening made to flow the air. Each roof length to avoid dilebihkan due tampias openings.

Structure design of the roof-storey main building with a wall of tropical gin-gin concrete. Actually, the horses of wood or steel roof can also be used, but the gin-gin chosen for the interior ceiling is designed to follow the slope of the roof. The use of gin-gin is expected to give the impression of clean and spacious.

Because there klerestori (windows near the roof), it is necessary to have an additional beam to sustain it. Another roof design is the additional roof or eaves of the block structure consoles, such as on balconies or windows in the basement.

Ventilation holes placed

The principle of air flow in home building is a cross ventilation can be achieved by placing openings opposite each other and different sizes. The way it can make a difference so that the air pressure can flow (the principle of the wind).

The movement of air in the tropical house design in order to flow horizontally and vertically. Horizontal flow in the tropical house design is due to the windows and ventilation holes are located opposite each other on the two sides of the wall. In addition, there is also klerestori, the window located at the top of the wall attached just below the roof. Each floor has openings, all shaded by the roof eaves to avoid tampias.

Opening Some Floor

Need a void for air flow vertically. Voids can be formed as part of the floor on the floor 2 and 3 left open (mezanin floor). The combination klerestori void and can make the hot air into the space can be lifted up (by void) and exit through klerestori (such as the air flow in the chimney) so the air inside a cooler.

In addition to the air flow, voids useful to incorporate natural light transmitted to the floor below. The effect of the loss of the floor also creates a tropical atmosphere and wide open. To Architecture Houses / Build Houses? Visit Us

Source : PT DIMENSi GN

Jl Kalibata Raya No 11-12
Jakarta Selatan

Villas For Sale soon, quiet neighborhood, comfortable, the air is still very fresh, very wide page.

Land Area: 2375 m2
Building Area: 550 m2
Bedrooms: 3 + Bathrooms In
Maid: 1, Bathroom: 1
Garage: 1 car, Carport: 8 cars
Electrical: 4400 watts
Property Certificate Building + Permits
Facing: North
Facilities: Water Heater, This page is still very wide, front and Rear Garden, View of Mount Merapi. Price IDR. 4.5 Billion. Negotiable.

Luxury House (Full Furniture) On Road KM 6.5, Environment & elite migrants (quiet & comfortable), Access to campus UGM & UNY just 5 minutes,
Access to Integrated UII campus just 7 minutes, very easy access to airport & close, close public facilities, highly strategic location (150 meters north of the great bale housing), The wall is to use wallpaper, Ethernet use gypsum, windows & doors etc. The use of teak wood.
Area of ​​Building / Land: 250 m2 / 432 m2
Bedrooms: 3, Bathroom: 3 (2 +1 in the master bedroom outside)
Electricity: 3500 watt
SHM + IMB + Tax on Land and Building (complete)
Other Facilities: Carport, 1 car garage, front garden, front fence, swimming pool, living room (terrace & in), family room, dining room, kitchen, air conditioning, storage, water heater, lounge overlooking the garden / swimming pool
Price: Rp. 1.5 M. Negotiable

Mansion in the elite cluster housing around Godean Road Kilo meter 2, north Supermarkets Mirota Godean, tranquil environment, complete facilities, access is very close to downtown Yogyakarta, securiti 24 hours.
Land Area: 398 m2
Building Area: 250 m2 (2 floors)
3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom In, 2 Bathrooms Outside, Garage 2 cars, Electricity 2200 watt, phone

Rp. 1.5 Billion. Negotiable.

Case in point:
Young husband and wife, joint income = 6 million, years of less than 1 year, no returns, no card and small families wanting a healthy home in a decent settlement.
Try before you learn some of these tips:
1. Calculate your financial ability, how:
a) Calculate the power of your credit (ability to repay).
Simply put it will be purchased through housing loan, either a new house from developer or second home. Instalment is typically 1 / 3 salary, although there are some banks could reach 40 and even 50%.
Examples of the count with 14% interest and term of 15 years then we can borrow:
IDR. 100 million dollars, payments IDR. 1.3 million / month, revenue of IDR. 4 million.

IDR. 150 million, installment IDR. 1.9 million / month, revenue of IDR. 6 million

IDR. 200 million, installment IDR. 2.6 million / month, revenue of IDR. 8 million

calculate the position of credits powermu exist where
b) Calculate your buying power (ability to buy a house).
Banks generally only will fund about 80% of the price of the house, then we must look for 20% of the rest. Take the case above where we USD buying power. 150 million. Rp. 150 million is 80% of it, so that the maximum home price that we can get is in the range of Rp. 187.5 million. Or by DP Rp. 37.5 million.
To note, buying power = DP + administration. In the case above, the first paymentnya is Rp. 37.5 million + 10 million (5% of house prices are usually for administrative purposes). So the total funds to be prepared is USD. 47.5 million.
2. After determining the financial position, then we find a suitable house for us. There are several options including:
a) New house, new home of the developers of this calculation easier, the numbers were clear, but the problem is very limited choice. Idle time to wait for this house is quite old, some big housing even install a grace period of up to 2 year's. It was not guarantee we have neighbors.
b) The second house, second house is actually a very attractive option. In addition to a closer location. buy a second house means buying public and the environment that is so. And this house could be occupied immediately.
Tips and Advice:
1. Duration good installment is less than 15 years, more than that would incriminate the creditor.
2. Second home is always more profitable than new homes. Second house alone divided into 3 categories:
-Age <10 years
-Age 10-20 years
-Age> 20 years
This simple division based with the use of materials and design of the house. Houses in the first category is actually the best option. Besides its lower price, the building was still in good condition.
3. The location is a significant component, with a limited budget. Better to choose a smaller house but it is clear security and facilities infrastructure.