Minimalist design is still very much needed especially in designing a dream house. In Jakarta, the architect who designed the minimalist house was still flooded with orders. Until now, the architect designs a house with a minimalist architecture was still favored. This style is considered practical and can represent their modern lifestyle.

Really? There are several reasons why people tend to choose a minimalist. Among other things, this style is considered a response to the challenges of age who want to get the most out of something minimal. Development funds could be minimal or by minimizing lifestyle. But then this limitation birth trends are much-loved architecture, minimalist architecture.

Characterized by minimalist house design home appearance without excessive ornamentation, using materials that is exposed so that it looks impressed honest and not excessive. Minimalist architecture style itself originated from a protest against people who do not appreciate the natural resources, exploiting all-out for things that are not necessary. This minimalism style refers to the movement "back to basic" or return to the simplicity of what it is. This style gave birth to a building without excessive decoration, honest and what you liked adanya.Jika style of modern life, then this style can be a lifestyle choice everyday. For example a couple who worked together to choose a lifestyle that fast, simple and practical to continue to promote the current trend loved. The trend may be followed and loved, but you still have to pay attention to the climate suitability.

Minimalist architectural style is not original products of our country, so you should consider factors such as the tropical climate and summer rain matahari.Perhitungkan the sun, do not let your house minimalist facing the wrong direction with the sun, as a result you'll have a room that is often hot sunbaked sun. Coupled as is known, the architectural style of minimalist homes have their own characteristics in view of the building.

Usually minimalist homes using rock, the game elements and the field lines, and coloring that tend to be more daring than the Mediterranean-style architecture and classical homes. A major force in modern minimalist design lies in the composition of geometry and the use of materials, thus the game on the surface of the wall were common in this style. Same thing if you make a "portrait" style Cubism and fill niches of the cube with colors and different materials.

However, minimalist style in Indonesia itself has evolved quite differently than they understood internationally as "minimalism". Real style on minimalism has a principle of "less is more". While the principles of modern architecture really follow the principles of minimalist architecture "form follow function" or form follow function, so the forms do not need to be eliminated.

In Indonesia is still widely used ornamentation or decoration and minimalism into a style of architecture that stands alone. That is because the Indonesian culture is replete with ornamentation or decoration. Combining a more minimalist fasade Indonesia did not hurt. So this proves that minimalist home architecture is still in demand as a minimalist architect design but still looks capable of stunning luxury anyone who saw it.

Source : PT DIMENSi GN

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