Technorati is a prestigious media for bloggers. If a blog successfully indexed and included in the list of Technorati, the rank and visitors will increase. How can I be accepted for a blog on Technorati?

The easy way to claim your blog to Technorati. Easy steps for blogs indexed Technorati. How to make successful blogs indexed by Technorati. Benefits submit blog to Technorati.

Technorati step in the process and verify a blog is currently undergoing changes. Here's how to make a claim to a blog or a site acceptable to Technorati.

     - Perform regular registration if not already have an account at Technorati. If so, log into your account.
     - Go to then input your blog URL (eg in the field Start a blog claims, then click the Claim button.
     - On the next page you fill in the title of the blog, blog feed address, websites or blogs that are linking to your blog, description and category blog, the last is your blog tags. Then click Proceed to the next step.
     - After the submission process is complete blog (usually within minutes) you will receive information to enter the token code. Press Check Claim. Enter the code tokens (eg claim token 3C6K3ZXM2TCU) in the latest blog postings.
     - Then enter your blog feed URL in the Site Feed URL field and click Update site feed URL. If Technorati successfully verified a few minutes, then your blog will be indexed by Technorati.

Although there were steps the registration and verification process conducted Technorati little more difficult, but now there is a policy that blog with foreign languages ​​(besides English) can be accepted but will not be included in the list of articles or posts on the site Technorati.