Building design principles applied to the tropical house can create a natural air system ideal.

There are 3 design principles of mutual support in creating natural pengudaraan system in the tropical house, the roof of the application of multilevel models, appropriate openings (such as location of windows, vents, and klerestori), and the spaces were void. Consider how the principles of mutual tropical "work together".

Wearing Sopi-gin

Modern design tropical house consists of 3 floors; 2nd and 3rd floors of mezanin (some floors at the front omitted). Each floor roof so mezanin given rise roof forms. Model building such as a tropical house aims to facilitate the opening made to flow the air. Each roof length to avoid dilebihkan due tampias openings.

Structure design of the roof-storey main building with a wall of tropical gin-gin concrete. Actually, the horses of wood or steel roof can also be used, but the gin-gin chosen for the interior ceiling is designed to follow the slope of the roof. The use of gin-gin is expected to give the impression of clean and spacious.

Because there klerestori (windows near the roof), it is necessary to have an additional beam to sustain it. Another roof design is the additional roof or eaves of the block structure consoles, such as on balconies or windows in the basement.

Ventilation holes placed

The principle of air flow in home building is a cross ventilation can be achieved by placing openings opposite each other and different sizes. The way it can make a difference so that the air pressure can flow (the principle of the wind).

The movement of air in the tropical house design in order to flow horizontally and vertically. Horizontal flow in the tropical house design is due to the windows and ventilation holes are located opposite each other on the two sides of the wall. In addition, there is also klerestori, the window located at the top of the wall attached just below the roof. Each floor has openings, all shaded by the roof eaves to avoid tampias.

Opening Some Floor

Need a void for air flow vertically. Voids can be formed as part of the floor on the floor 2 and 3 left open (mezanin floor). The combination klerestori void and can make the hot air into the space can be lifted up (by void) and exit through klerestori (such as the air flow in the chimney) so the air inside a cooler.

In addition to the air flow, voids useful to incorporate natural light transmitted to the floor below. The effect of the loss of the floor also creates a tropical atmosphere and wide open. To Architecture Houses / Build Houses? Visit Us

Source : PT DIMENSi GN

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