Classic problem when people build houses is limited land. However, limitations should not be the main reason for the large space. To avoid the appearance of land is limited to a narrow, one solution is to create a multifunctional space. Similarly what is done by couples dominicus Djarot P. and Geraldine Sjachrial when making his home in Depok area. They create a multifunctional room that is a combination of living room and dining room. Room with an area of about 25 m2 also serves as a liaison between the living room to sleep with the outside of the house and other spaces. The living room is deliberately not made in the house. The living room is made on the outside of the house is on the terrace. Only guests who are "close" are allowed to enter until bertandang into the living room.

Side view of the

The width of the front of this land is greater than the length so that Djarot, who served as an architect in his own house-designed so that the view from within is not always facing forward or to the street. Since it was established that is not the entrance facing directly onto the street. Djarot made entrance through the side of the house. There are two entrances, one door for residents who enter into the dining room and another door on the porch.

To ventilate the room, Djarot make two types of ventilation that can open windows and windows that can not be opened or the window to die.

Die windows built in the back of the TV and face to face with a sofa in the living room. The goal for when watching TV, residents who were sitting on the sofa also be able to look to the outside the house (garden). This window was made "dead", because if not, it will be difficult to open and close it (because it obstructed the TV).

In addition to ventilation of the window, made also penghawaan existing holes in the doors and windows. This hole has a cover that is facing into the room made of wood and wire netting mosquitoes.

To impress this space expands, this multifunction room ceiling was made to follow the slope of the roof. Thus obtained with the height of about 5.5 m above the floor.

Source : PT DIMENSi GN

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