Minimalist houses before construction should be made a budget plan in advance, so that could be known from the beginning how much it costs to be incurred. With the Budget Plan made we can also plan from the beginning of various types of materials which will be used in the construction of a minimalist home. Besides, the existence of our Budget Plan can menyesuaian budget in accordance with the conditions of our bags and we choose the bias-type materials to be used for the construction of a minimalist home, so that the fruits of development could be more minimalist houses maximum. With our Budget Plan can determine or learn from scratch how much that would cost incurred for the implementation of development minimalist home. And has a nice house, and according to the taste and lifestyle, of course, everyone desires. Such things can not be realized if we buy the "House So". Because buying "House So" means we use home design and architecture of other people's homes. Not necessarily the design of the house in accordance with the wishes and the style we have. Then how to get a dream house that became our dream? How to conceptualize, design houses, and built himself a house. This requires the designer of the building (house architecture / design houses) that can transfer the ideas and desires into a minimalist design house building. By choosing a house architecture / design house really good quality, the picture of a house that is ideal in our minds can become a reality. A house architecture / design house designing task everything associated with the minimalist design of the house until it became a building our dream home. Here are included the supervision process until the building was. The task architecture house / home design stems from a request or order a client. They then conceptualize client requests and desires into a design that is based on the standardization of architectural house / home design. In this process a house architecture / design houses will provide advice to the client (us) about the form of house building in accordance with the wishes and condition of the soil texture.

When the results of a minimalist building design was approved by the client, then there is the employment contract with the client to visualize the design until it becomes a whole building. In these contracts are listed all the rules regarding the home building process is minimalist. Choosing a house architecture / design house that can translate our desires of course not easy. Here are some things you need to do before selecting a house architecture / design houses that will conceptualize a house or building your minimalist home.

a) Recognize architectural styles of homes and designing homes to be realized in your dream home. You can choose the style Minimalist Houses Architecture, Global Architecture Houses, like the European style of house architecture, Architecture House Middle East, or style of architecture typical Java House pendoponya shape, and so on. After determining what style of house architecture?, Then you choose a house architecture / design house that can translate the will and force you specified earlier. More clearly the desire and the style you want, the easier it is for a house architecture / design house to make it happen in a minimalist design house building.

b) Any one house architecture / design houses, especially those already experienced, will have its own style and uniqueness to become his trade mark. Identify the works of a house architecture / design house that will be your choice. Make a selection on a house architecture / design house that has suited the style and the style you have. Conformity will further increase the likelihood of the realization of your dream home style.

c) A house architecture / design a good home will make every effort possible to translate your desires and style in a minimalist house design development. If you have decided to choose a house architecture / design house, then the next process is necessary discussions and good cooperation between the architecture of your house / home design. Frequently hold discussions and exchange ideas so that the architecture of the house / home design really understand what is your desire.

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